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What is ShowME Voices?


You know the expression, Jack-of-all-trades? It means to be able to do several things well enough but not one thing really well. Often times it's a put-down, as if being able to do several things well enough, but not be an expert-level, award-winning, Master of Whatever is a bad thing.

Honestly though, we can't all be Michael Jordan at basketball, or Simone Biles at gymnastics. And I don't know anyone personally who can do anything at the same level Michael Phelps can swim. Do you?

But I'm also not a jack-or-jill-of all trades. I'm a voiceover actor who started her professional life as a technical writer. And I provide three inter-related
services that address the an overlooked question:

How does your business* sound?

*Project; presentation; telephony; etc.

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